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Cat's Ship Organizer

SKU: 2632
Organizer's sizing
Length - 283mm / 11.14"
Width - 282mm / 11.10"
Height - 92mm / 3.62"
Saving magic cats is our holy mission and in it, we should wait no longer. TowerRex brought a great basket to store and safely cuddle all the cats of the 'Isle of Cats'. So, what are you waiting for? Take a cat and run!

- Engraved artwork of simple and nature-like style will give the extra flavor for to the game;
- You'll get an island view with our in-game cardholder;
- You don't need any instruments to put the organizer together, just a bit of glue will be enough to assemble everything;
- The assembly is easy and is even better and faster with friends, so bring forth all of your cats to begin the safe mission in 20 mins;
- The organizer is compatible with sleeved cards (MayDay, UltraPro, etc.)
- The smell of laser-cut HDF leads you into the cracky pont of your ship;
- A great gift to show your appreciation of a fellow cat-master!

The organizer comprises of:
- In-game cardholder for the discovery cards;
- A cardholder for all the solo, family and color cards;
- A big basket-tray for all the magic cats;
- A tray for the fish tokens;
- A tray for the treasure tiles;
- A tray for the color cat tokens;
- A tray for the expansion tiles and tokens;

The organizer is compatible with:
- The Isle of Cats: Kickstarter Pack
- The Isle of Cats: Late Arrivals

One organizer to hold them all!

Important point!
Check the sizing of your box before purchasing the organizer to avoid mismatching with printings and editions.
Organizer's sizing
Length - 283mm / 11.14"
Width - 282mm / 11.10"
Height - 92mm / 3.62"

You are buying only a wooden insert without any other game components.
This insert is flat-packed and ready for assembly.

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