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Deep Dark Dungeons - Modular MDF/HDF Terrain Set

DnD and Pathfinder sessions and any tabletop terrain scenery that you would like to create. Whether it is Savage World, Frostgrave or Infinity - we got you covered.

- The only limit to variations of the dungeon is your fantasy;
- Detalization will help you and your friends dive deeper into the game;
- Mechanical parts of a dungeon terrain are just the right flavor to create a realistic atmosphere;
- This is a great gift to a boardgaming friend, your GM or just the loved one;
- HDF is smooth to the touch and sturdy enough to withstand a fall, so you can be sure of set's safety when somebody flips the table;
- Terrain goes really well with 25mm/28mm/32mm miniatures and systems. Our cells are 26x26mm.
- The product is modular and compatible with all of our terrain including the Buildings Set, the Castle Set and the Deep Dark Dungeon (2nd wave).
- You will need just a bit of glue for the assembly, so mind that it is not included in the product's set.

The set comprises of:
Altar room – 1 item
Fireplace room – 1 item
Crypt room – 1 item
Well – 1 item
Mechanical door – 1 item
Doors – 2 items
Arches – 2 items
Cage – 1 item
Pillars - 10 items (6 small and 4 big)
Boxes – 4 items
Floor 7x5 – 1 item
Floor 7x2 – 1 item
Floor 5x3 – 1 item
Floor 4x2 – 1 item
Floor 3x2 – 3 items
Floor 5x1 – 2 items
Floor 3x1 – 3 items
Floor 2x1 – 4 items
Floor 1x1 – 4 items
Base (grid) – 9 items
Wall (L=5) – 6 items
Wall (L=3) – 8 items
Wall (L=2) – 10 items
Corner 2x1 – 4 items
Corner 1x1 – 8 items
Crossing corner - 2 items
Palisade – 2 items (1 big and 1 small)
Furniture – 1 set

The product is flat-packed and ready for assembly.

One dungeon for each of your adventures!

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