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Dice Tower Bird Song for Wingspan Board Game

SKU: 1752
Wooden dice tower to keep your dice klinging happily on the table.


- Brings your game experience to a new level.
- Keeps dice safe during the fall and transportation;
- Has a unique dice-storage.
- Hand-made out of plywood;
- Enhanced with laser accuracy;
- A life-long gift;
- Finished with stain of natural wood.
- Has nice mechanical parts.

The kit includes instruction "How to assembly dice tower in ~30 minutes".

To put this dice tower together you don't need glue or hammer.
We create our products with very high precision and user-friendly assembly system.
But we would recommend you to add a little bit of glue on the joints.

This product is flat-packed and ready for assembly.

Dear Customers PLEASE NOTE!
This is not official Stonemaier Games product this is official product of TowerRex company for WingsPan boardgame.

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