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Fisher's Hamlet Terrain Set

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TowerRex presents our Fisher's Hamlet terrain set, perfect for all your tabletop gaming adventures. Whether you're playing Wargames, Infinity, Warhammer, Malifaux or any other Fantasy TTRPG, our set is designed to bring your gaming experience to life.

- Our set includes a variety of buildings, including a Bar Building, Warehouse Building, Sunken Building, and two Intact Buildings, each with intricate details and realistic textures that add a sense of authenticity to your game and fill your table with great terrain options;
- For just a bit of aquatic warfare, we've included two big boats and two small boats, perfect for transporting your characters through treacherous waters or finding a leeway between separate parts of the models. We've also included a Broken Barge and the Sunken Part of the Broken Barge for those who like to explore shipwrecks.
- Our Restroom provides a touch of realism and adds a sense of cheese to your game. It's the perfect place for your characters to freshen up after a long day of fighting or scoring points.
- The set also includes 9 Straight Bridges and 2 L-Shape Bridges for creating custom layouts and adding depth to your game. And if you need to transport goods, we've included a Cart and Set of Boxes, perfect for hauling fish or other supplies and adding a bit of dynamic terrain on all of your other terrain.
- There is also an addition for you to fill in the insides of all of your buildings and taverns. It is a full set of furniture
- Our Swamp and Fishing Hamlet terrain set is designed to provide you with a realistic and immersive gaming experience, with quality craftsmanship and attention to detail that sets us apart. Whether you're playing Wargames, Infinity, Warhammer, Malifaux, DnD, Pathfinder or any other Fantasy TTRPG, this set will add a touch of authenticity and fun to your gaming experience.

assembly time:
- 2-2.5 hours.

The base set consists of:
- 1 Bar Building;
- 1 Warehouse Building;
- 1 Sunken Building;
- 2 Intact Buildings;
- 1 Broken Barge
- 1 Sunken Part of the Broken Barge
- 2 Big Boats;
- 2 Small Boats;
- 1 restroom;
- 9 Straight Bridges;
- 2 L-Shape Bridges;
- 1 Cart;
- Set of Boxes.

The furniture set includes:
- 1 Bar Stall;
- 1 Piano;
- 1 2-Store Bed;
- 2 1-Store Beds;
- 6 chairs;
- 6 Small Chairs;
- 3 Bar Chairs;
- 2 Rocking Chairs;
- 4 Small Tables;
- 1 Big Table;
- 2 Cabinets with Shelves.

So don't wait any longer, order now and take your gaming experience to the next level with our Fisher's Hamlet terrain set.

You are buying only the furniture set without any other game pieces.

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