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King of Tokyo organizer + Free Dice Tower

SKU: 1937
- Supports all of the Expansions (RowerUp, Halloween and Promos) + it goes well with the Dark Edition;
- Organizer keeps all the tokens, cards and monsters organized and ready for the next game;
- The organizer supports sleeved cards (MayDay, UltraPro, etc);
- It is laser-cut from soft and shiny HDF, so it always stays nice to the touch and serves long enough to box turn white;
- A gift of this organizer might be a nice way to challenge your fellow Gigasaur to a brawl for Tokyo;
- Turn the set up into 5 minutes, so you can save your time for the game, cookies and tea;
- The assembly is easy and simple and won't take more than 20 minutes.

The organizer comprises of:
- Big tray for all the monster-boards and monster figurines
- Card tray for the evolution cards;
- Tray for the power tokens;
- And a tray for the energy tokens;
- Card tray for power cards with compartments for the base game and expansion cards;
- Big tray for the dice and figurine bases;
- A free dice tower for all the dice to roar with your power.

Important point! Check the sizing of your box before purchasing the organizer to avoid mismatching with printings and editions.
Organizer's sizing L-244.0mm/W-244.0mm/H-59.0mm

You are buying only a wooden insert without any other game components.
This insert is flat-packed and ready for assembly.

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