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Magic: The Gathering Card Deck Box

SKU: 1821
Magic: The Gathering сard box to store a standard deck of yours. Keep your deck safe in our MTG deck box storage during your planeshifting and battles.

- Supports sleeved cards (75 with UltraPro sleeves or 100 with MayDay);
- Deck box has a sliding latch mechanism that will keep your dack a secret from your foes;
- Keeps the deck safe during transportation and generally prolongs the life of your cards;
- All the classic mana symbols are available + a universal for those who prefer double or triple colored decks;
- An additional space for your health dice, just for you to have all in one place and be always ready for a duel.
- You don't need any instruments to put the box together, just a bit of glue for extra sturdiness;
- Personal deck box helps you dominate on the battlefield - on the moral side;
- The laser-cut Plywood smells like a freshly cast fire spell;

One box to hold them all!

You are buying only the deck box without any other game components.
The deck box is flat packed ready for assembly.

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