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Modular Gothic Ruin

SKU: 2187
Great enhancement of your tabletop Wargames. 40k, Killteam or Infinity sessions and any tabletop terrain scenery that you would like to create. Whether it is Savage World, Frostgrave or Dark Heresy - we got you covered.

- The Gothic Ruin is and pompous - it will make the effect just by being in the room;
- Detalization will help you and your friends dive deeper into the game and play that dreamed all-in massacre;
- The ruin is modular and you have 10 variations of how to put it up, so 1 terrain brings you variation not only in positioning but also in height and number - so you can have however many scenarios as you want;
- This is a great gift to a wargaming friend, your Killteam opponent or just the loved one fan of miniatures;
- HDF is smooth to the touch and sturdy enough to withstand a fall, so you can be sure of set's safety when somebody flips the table;
- You will need a bit of glue for the assembly, so mind that it is not included in the product's set.

The product is flat-packed and ready for assembly.

One castle for all of your adventures!

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