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Royal Set of Shields for The Game of Thrones Board Game

SKU: 2071
- Bring the true atmosphere of high lords and ladies to your table by bringing 8 unique castles from the Game of Thrones;
- Each castle-shield is engraved with house regalias, so nobody will confuse you with some pesky peasant;
- Keep your plots safe behind high walls of Casterly Rock;
- The castle barracks have enough space for your army and fleet;
- It includes castles for houses from the Mother of Dragons Expansion.

Castles included in this set:
- Storm's End (House Baratheon)
- Casterly Rock (House Lannister)
- Winterfell (House Stark)
- Highgarden (House Tyrell)
- Sunspear (House Martell)
- Pyke (House Greyjoy)
- Dragonstone (House Targaryen)
- The Eyrie (House Arren)

You are buying only the wooden shields without any other game components.
This insert is flat-packed and ready for assembly.

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