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Architect's Guild Organizer

SKU: 2564
Organizer's sizing:
Length - 218mm / 8.58"
Width - 160mm / 6.30"
Height - 46mm / 1.81"
Competing for the duchy, hiring artisans, protecting your workers and imprisoning the competitors' ones already sounds like a lot to do, so we thought we can send you a helper from our guild of woodworkers and organizers. TowerRex presents an organizer compatible with Architects of the West Kingdom and its expansions, so you can store everything in one box and spend time building the greatest church and making tea.

- Engraved artwork of classicistic style, which helps you fall into the game atmosphere even deeper;
- You don't need any instruments to put the organizer together, just a bit of glue on the joints for extra sturdiness;
- The assembly is easy and is even better and faster with friends, so bring your aristocratic fellows and begin your age of artisans in 20 mins;
- The organizer is compatible with sleeved cards (MayDay, UltraPro, etc.)
- The smell of laser-cut HDF leads you into the woodcutters' lodge;
- A great gift to show your appreciation of your friend's new church!

The organizer comprises of:
- A cardholder for favor, debt and black market cards.
- A cardholder for buildings, artisans and character cards.
- 6 engraved player boxes for each corresponding color;
- An engraved tray for all the coins;
- A tray for all the resources;

The organizer is compatible with:
- Architects of the West Kingdom: Age of Artisans Expansion
- All the Promo Cards and Packs

One organizer to hold them all!

Important point!
Check the sizing of your box before purchasing the organizer to avoid mismatching with printings and editions.
Organizer's sizing:
Length - 218mm / 8.58"
Width - 160mm / 6.30"
Height - 46mm / 1.81"

You are buying only a wooden insert without any other game components.
This insert is flat-packed and ready for assembly.

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