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Brassy Enterpreneur's Organizer

SKU: 2127
Organizer's sizing:
Length - 288mm / 11.34"
Width - 285mm / 11.22"
Height - 74mm / 2.91"
The industrial revolution just hit the shores of the United Kingdom, so the run for the mightiest company is on. While you maximize profits, optimize networks and squeeze the precious VPs, we made a storehouse for you and your factory. TowerRex presents an organizer for the Brass: Birmingham Deluxe Edition. Here's a quick rundown of what is it:

- Our designs are simple and effective. We create our organizers to be easy to assemble and be a part of your game experience;
- Quality for the best price. We make our products to be sturdy and reliable, so they will serve you as long as there is a box to put them in;
- Organizer as an experience. We want the organizer to save your time and also be an upgrade to your favorite game: deepen the atmosphere, ease the setup and be a part of the board game;
- Store it however you want. We know about the vertical-horizontal divide in the boardgaming community and we provide a solution for both;
- One organizer to store them all. We always do our best to fit all the custom stuff of the board game in one box, so it is with Brass: Birmingham.

Compatible with:
- Goodies and Upgrades;
- It is compatible with sleeved cards of MayDay, UltraPro, etc. Recommended thickness is 50-60 microns.

The organizer includes:
- An in-game cardholder for all the cards;
- Four engraved trays for players;
- Tray for the coal, metal and beer;
- Two trays for the chips;
- Three trays for the far-sitting players for their chips;
- Tray for the commerce tokens.

Important point! Check the sizing of your box before purchasing the organizer to avoid mismatching with printings and editions.
Organizer's sizing:
Length - 288mm / 11.34"
Width - 285mm / 11.22"
Height - 74mm / 2.91"

You are buying only the wooden insert without any other game components.
This insert is flat-packed and ready for assembly.

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