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Catan Organizer

SKU: 1820
Perfect Organization To Save Your Time. The best storage solution for the Catan board game. All the trays fit perfectly well in the box, which keeps all the things in order. Greatly organized shelter for all the cards, tokens and dice. One organizer for Catan to hold them all!

Stores The Best Expansions. The organizer supports all the top-rated expansions of the game: 'Cities and Knights' and 'Seafarers';

Easy To Put Together. The insert for Catan is shipped ready to assemble with all the instructions included. Have a fun time putting all the stuff together, which is even better to do with friends. It will take approximately 10-20 minutes. Soft mallet and glue can be useful to ease the assembly.

High-Quality And Great Design. Made from 3mm HDF, which smells like a chest filled with gems and gold. The design aesthetics will help you become a true and only king of Catan Island, getting your 7 and building the longest road.

Life-Long Gift. Incredibly well made, softly polished and sturdy. The best accessory you could purchase for the Catan game and the best gift for a gaming friend of yours.

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